Tender of the Week: 99 High Tide – (Merry Jane)

Tender of the Week: 99 High Tide


Its positive vibes only at Malibu’s first oceanfront collective.

A surfboard with a large green cross and an arrow leads you to 99 High Tide. The tranquil vibe at Malibu’s only medical marijuana dispensary draws the regions active and affluent patients of the coastal town.

Photos: Sasha Horne/MERRY JANE

It was a beautiful So-Cal day when MERRY JANE dropped by to chat with Vanessa Rodriguez, a veteran of the cannabis industry. The San Francisco native has lived in Los Angeles for nearly a decade, and manages a team of calm, cool and collected budtenders “Cannabis Consultants” who educate their patients on the power of the plant.

MERRY JANE:  How did you get into the cannabis industry?

Vanessa: I came into the cannabis industry through the Green Goddess Collective. I was really inspired by the group of artists, performers, visionaries and advocates that were working in the Venice Beach community.

MJ: What was it like working in the industry during its infancy?

V: Back in 2008, it was all new to me! I’d studied Psychology and Chinese medicine and worked as a health coach prescribing herbal medicines, essential oils and acupuncture to treat ailments. I had no idea that cannabis could be implemented in that way to really help people, particularly ailing children, and now we’ve made so many advancements.

MJ: How do you like to medicate?

V: I love our house flowers like the Shiva Sativa. I like to taste the natural oils in all of the plants so I have really gotten more into the oils. Smoking less plant matter and getting more medicine. I’ve found that’s been much better for my health.

MJ: Do you have a favorite product?

V: I really love micro dosing on Lord Jones Edibles. I stick with 5-7 mg, I just feel a nice shift but I can still be fully functional and it doesn’t stand in the way of me completing my tasks. I actually feel more comfortable and relaxed, and I can be more open.

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