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Sam & Yavonne

99 High Tide founded by Malibu locals Yvonne Delarosa Green and Sam Boyer is a one-of-a-kind cannabis dispensary that’s been making waves in the industry since 2015.

Actress and activist Yvonne DelaRosa Green and Sam Boyer, both award-winning filmmakers, and surfers, saw an opportunity to merge their love of Malibu, healing, and cannabis. They wanted to create a space that was beautitul, spiritual. and awesome. The result was 99 High Tide, an upscale cannabis retail store that beckons vou to into its spa-like mermaid cove, where vou will undoubtedlv discover your higher self.

Yvonne and Sam’s deep knowledge of the plant andvtheir dedication to providing the highest quality products make 99 High Tide a destination for the most discerning cannabis enthusiasts and those new to this enlightening world.

Yvonne and Sam remain humble andgrateful for the opportunity to share their passion for cannabis with the world. They continue to surf and enjoy the beauty of Malibu, using their platform to spread awareness about the benefits of cannabis