Our Mermaids
Guiding you to Your Higher Self


What is something mermaid-y about you?

I was born with the Sun in Cancer, and I grew up here on the Westside right across from the Ocean. I could swim before I could walk, sing before I could speak, and I smoked weed long before I was ever a licensed driver.

How did cannabis come into your life?

Growing up in Southern California, cannabis was ever present. My father had a green thumb, and at age 11 I discovered his “tomato plants” were not quite what they seemed, which sparked a curiosity in me. I remember he would go outside in a stormy mood, and return, elevated and smiling ear to ear. That’s all I needed to see to know that this plant was nothing short of magical.

How has cannabis medicine improved your life?

In my life, cannabis is a tool I use to help inspire me when I am writing my music. It is so much a part of my lifestyle, I can’t imagine who I’d be or who I’d be surrounded by without it. To me it is a connector; to self, to creativity, and to my mind, body, and spirit.