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How did cannabis medicine come into your life?

I started smoking avidly after high school, I was always the artsy girl in class and when cannabis became part of my routine it opened up another door for me. I got creative in different ways, it helped me centre myself and navigate my way through so many things in life. Socially, it connected me to some amazing people who helped me become who I am today. I am forever grateful that cannabis became part of my life when it did.

Why have you been inspired to work with cannabis?

I have always been a huge advocate for cannabis, a few years after high school I moved from my little island home to California. This was when I was introduced to the cannabis industry on the other side of the world and intrigued me so much as it’s completely different where I’m from. A few years after being here I lost two very close friends to cancer and that’s when I took a closer look at the industry and its medical benefits. That’s when I started working in the cannabis industry, there is so much more to learn about this beautiful plant and I want to be able to help patients feel good in the most natural way.

What do you do for fun outside of the space? What brings you joy?

When I’m not working I always try and spend time improving myself and staying connected to who I am. Lately I’ve been working on building my own little eco friendly business and it’s opened my eyes to things I didn’t really consider before. Building something that’s my own from scratch has taught me so much and it’s given me more confidence in myself. I also really enjoy spending my time outdoors with my dog. We go for long walks and to the beach, nature is always a big YES for me when I’m free. Spending time with good friends, smoking a few, having a laugh and cooking good food for them is something that brings me a lot of joy, I love the act of giving and caring. I think it’s a pretty good trait of mine!

Fun fact about me, I’ve done 14 of the 18 tattoos on my body. I love to stick and poke myself and my friends! I’m also a plant whisperer, AKA Plant Mama x