Our Mermaids
Guiding you to Your Higher Self


How did cannabis come into your life?

Cannabis came into my life as a teenager. I come from a family full of hippies and healers who have instilled me with a passion for peace, love, and hippy beads. My father always looked for alternative healing sources with nature at the center of his practice. I grew up an advocate for cannabis along with the magic natural world. 

Why have you been inspired to work with cannabis?

I was inspired to work with cannabis after my step father passed away from cancer. He was a stuntman and had every ache and pain imaginable and cannabis was always his ally. After his passing I discovered RSO along with cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system. I felt that if I knew of this plant’s magic when my step dad was fighting his outcome would have been very different.  He would have tried anything  and I decided my new path would be spreading my knowledge and giving people a choice in treatment options. My father also passed from cancer when I was 16. I believe if I knew then what I know now, at very least the quality of his life would have improved drastically.    


How has cannabis medicine improved your life?

Cannabis has improved my life by being my main source of medicine. I never felt western medicine was for me. I found I was allergic or had bad reactions to pharmaceuticals.  As my relationship with cannabis grew my passion for all plants expanded leading me to study with the Gaia School of Healing becoming an herbalist and an advocate for the regeneration of soil.

What is something mermaid-y about you?

Mermaids symbolize love, beauty, mystery, and an untamed spirit. Mermaids represent wild freedom and ferocious independence. This is true to my spirit as well as my deep relationship with the ocean and the sun.