Our Mermaids
Guiding you to Your Higher Self


How did cannabis medicine come into your life?

I started smoking cannabis regularly in college. I was definitely someone who held a lot of stress and tension and was very active. When I started smoking it helped me relax and take a breath. I ended up getting better grades in school (B student to deans list) and continued to smoke through my undergraduate and graduate degrees. It helped me study and focus my thoughts while writing my thesis and got me in my body as I explored movement (I have been a strength coach for 13 years). I am grateful for this medicine and our dynamic relationship.

Why have you been inspired to work with cannabis?

When I started working at High Tide, it was only then I began to see the infinite ways this plant interacts with our mind and body. Each of us has our own relationship with cannabis. Some like to eat it, others smoke or dab.  Some are little light THC Fairies and others have an unknown limit to their conversation with the plant. The way this plant has taken over our reality and interacted with us collectively inspires me to continue my work with the plant and help others have a better conversation with the plant (and themselves).

What do you do for fun outside of the space? What brings you joy?

I am a climber, normally rocks, but if I see a good place to hold I will probably try to hang from it. I love the outdoors whether I am climbing, hiking, snowboarding or enjoying the beach. When I am outside cannabis helps me get into my body and enjoy the beauty around me.

With cannabis, my movement practice became more integrated. I was able to relax my mind and move my body and breath with ease. I no longer need cannabis to get to this place, but it is always a nice addition.