Our Mermaids
Guiding you to Your Higher Self


How did cannabis medicine come into your life?

I discovered the cannabis plant growing up in San Francisco. My early experiences with cannabis taught me about myself. I learned how to soften into my beingness and feel the drive of my ego bow down to my spirit. While I always knew it was a healing plant, I didn’t always accept it as my medicine – the stigma and fear of getting in trouble were strong. As time went on, I stayed loyal to this powerful plant, and as the legal landscape began to change, I clearly saw how this plant had held me through pain, grief, relationships, joy and self-discovery. A true medicine with endless wisdom.

Why have you been inspired to work with cannabis?//What has been your experience working with cannabis?

Cannabis has provided new awareness, depth and understanding to my life and I am passionate about changing the worldwide perception of this plant, while bringing light to the power of all plants as allies and teachers. As a dancer and yoga teacher, I also discovered the profound access points that cannabis can inspire, when incorporated with movement, breath, meditation and visualization. I created Lit Yoga, a cannabis yoga company that provides trainings and entheogenic experiences, as an avenue to share this knowledge with others. I teach about the Endocannabinoid System, how the cannabis plant interacts in our bodies, and the extremely long history of cannabis as a medicine. With a desire to educate, I joined the mermaid tribe at 99 High Tide to support those in our community to find their unique optimal dose and the products that will serve their needs and desires.

What is something mermaid-y about you?

I lived on a sailboat for a year and if given the powers to breathe underwater, I would choose the ocean over the land in a heartbeat!!!