Frequently Asked Questions
"...How Can I Be My higher self?..."

Where is 99 High Tide and when is it open?

*** Temporarily open from 11am – 7pm during corona virus city wide closures.***
We are on the famous Pacific Coast Highway, across the street from Nobu Malibu & Soho House, just south of the iconic Surfrider Beach and Malibu Pier.
Address: 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA 90265.
Monday-Saturday we are open from 10am- 8pm.
Sundays the mermaids get to sleep in a little and enjoy our healing rituals, so we are open from 12:00pm -7:00pm.
We will be closed on New Years Day and Christmas.

I want to communicate directly with a 99 High Tide mermaid about my questions and feedback. Can I call or message the team?

We want to communicate with you! We are always happy to hear from patients and potential new patients. Email us at info@99hightide.com, call the shop at 310-456-9930, or message us on instagram at 99HighTide, or through our free 99 High Tide app!
New business proposals are the exception to this. We appreciate your interest — please see info below under New Business to learn communication protocol for vendors and service providers who do not have an open ticket with us.
Vendors with existing accounts are best served to communication via email with info@99hightide.com. These emails go to both the manager on site and GM, and are the quickest way to ensure your message gets through. If need be, managers are available by phone between 1:00-5:00pm.

What are 99 High Tide’s Quality Standards?

We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell for quality, purity and consistency. All of our cannabis products are lab tested.

Our entire operation and all products we carry are in full compliance with California Proposition 64.

We are passionate about aromatic, luxurious, effective cannabis products.

We are passionate about great tasting, looking and feeling cannabis.

We feature vegan products that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, harmful solvents, and hydrogenated fats.

We are committed to products that are fresh, wholesome and safe to consume.

We seek out and promote organically grown and crafted cannabis products.

We provide products that support health and well-being.

We carefully select and train our staff mermaids to provide high quality, individually tailored, responsible cannabis service.

We are earth conscious medicine women. As a primarily female owned and operated business, we empower and employ women and minorities to be leaders in the cannabis movement and industry.

We seek out partnerships with ethical business people who respect women, and companies and non profit organizations who contribute to humanitarian and environmental causes.

We strive for eco friendly products and procedures. The new packaging laws of Proposition 64 made it impossible for us to uphold our former standard of being almost entirely plastic free. However we are actively seeking out brands and procedures that are more earth friendly and reduce the polluting footprint of modern day cannabis use.

We are pursuing recycling programs with our vendors but as of yet we do not have protocol for returning containers for reuse.

Are your staff members actual mermaids?

Is 99 High Tide a medical cannabis collective only or recreational as well?

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our grass roots ballot Measure G passed, legalizing our recreational sales in Malibu! We have recieved our permits and licenses from the City and State and are now serving adult use 21+ recreational clients.
Patients who are 18-20 will still need to maintain their medical status. Patients wishing to maintain their medical status can do so with us and save on the 2.5% Malibu Cannabis tax. Medical patients can also register with the state and save on the 9% CA sales tax. Information on how to register is on this site: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CHSI/Pages/MMICP.aspx

We are glad to serve the community and will continue to provide cannabis consultations focused on your wellness journey.

What do I need to do to buy cannabis from 99 High Tide? What are the rules?

You will now just need your government issued identification card.
By law, we cannot serve intoxicated individuals.
Learn more about California cannabis laws at:https://potguide.com/califo…

Why “99”?

99 is the highest spiritual number in many cultures. In Balinese culture, 99 means “Paradise of the Gods.” The 99 mermaid logo was inspired by the crop circle angel discovered in Wiltshire, England in 2008. That year, the legendary 99 High Art Collective was opened in Venice Beach, CA.

Does 99 High Tide have parking?

Yes! Pull into the parking lot at 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu 90265. Please only park in the spots with our parking sign posted. Please do not park in the surf shop or veterinarian parking spots.
Vendors and deliveries: Please do not park in the 15 minute customer parking spots near the palm trees instead at the back by the northern hedges.

Does 99 High Tide have parking?

Yes! Pull into the parking lot at 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu 90265. Please only park in the spots with our parking sign posted. Please do not park in the surf shop or veterinarian parking spots.
Vendors and deliveries: Please do not park in the 15 minute customer parking spots near the palm trees instead at the back by the northern hedges.

I want to join your pod! How do I become a part of the mermaid staff team?

We always welcome job applications!
Please send an email to newbusiness@99hightide.com, and put 99 High Tide Job Application in the subject heading. Attach your resume and a photo of yourself, and include in the body of your email your answers to the following questions:Why are you passionate about cannabis?What is your relevant experience in healing work and/or the service industry? What do you love about serving and sales?What is something mermaidy about you?What are your greatest assets to a team environment?

I have a product/service. Who can I talk to about starting new business with 99 High Tide?

Thank you for your interest in doing business with 99 High Tide! We appreciate your time and energy in reaching out to us. We love making connections with like minded business people who bring a higher consciousness to the cannabis industry and the world! Thanks for reviewing the following protocol. It helps us all to use our time wisely. High Tidings!
First and foremost, please review the following standards to see if we are a good fit:~ We only carry products derived from pesticide free, synthetic nutrient free cannabis. ~ We do not carry products that contain artificial ingredients such as corn syrup.~ We strive for the most high integrity natural ingredients free of animal products.~ We are wellness focused.~ We strive for aesthetically pleasing, natural/beachy, high end, compliant packaging.~ We only work with fully licensed vendors.~ We are primarily a female owned and operated business, and we embrace a feminine work ethos. We work with businesses people who respect women, and who uphold high standards for safety, ethical communication and HR policy. ~ We are looking for partnerships who can offer us net terms, preferably 30 day agreements. ~ If you meet these standards, please send us an email!
Sales phone calls and drop-ins by new vendors are against protocol and WILL NOT be received by our management team. The first step MUST be an email following the steps below:
ALL inquiries for new partnerships must be sent via email to newbusiness@99hightide.com with the following protocol:
Write in the SUBJECT LINE: NEW BUSINESS (in caps): (Your company name, not in caps)
Include brief info about the products or services you are selling and how they meet our standards,Any promotional offers,Link your company website,Your contact information and name.
Please ATTACH or type in your sales sheet and license information.
Emails that are missing any of the above protocol will land in our spam folder.
We review new business emails weekly and will get in touch with vendors who we are ready to work with at our discretion. Vendors who meet our quality standards and have sent a protocoled email may quickly drop off compliant samples at the shop location, but these are simply received at the front desk. They MUST be paired with protocoled email, and this is NOT the time for a sales pitch. Drop ins and sample drop offs will not have a manager meeting.
Thank you for your time and energy — we look forward to working with you!

What is our BCC Retailer License number?

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